Exercise 4.1

Put in a/an or the where necessary.

1. Can I have glass of water, please?

2. This is nice house. – You’re right. House is wonderful.

3. Did you enjoy your holiday? – Greatly! Didn’t you get postcard I sent you?

4. Malta is very small country.

5. What is name of owner of shop we went to yesterday?

6. My brother works in advertising. It’s hard work, but salary is good.

7. I had good opportunity to meet people from different countries.

8. We had problem with car. It didn’t start.

9. I couldn’t answer phone because I was in bathroom.

10. She works for company that makes mobile phones.

11. Did you turn off light when you left house?

12. Bob has new girlfriend. She works as guide in museum.

13. Hobby is activity that you do for pleasure when you aren’t working.

14. Josh was wearing strange clothes. Hat was especially funny.

Exercise 4.2

Fill in the gaps with a/an or the if necessary.

1. I’m going to read the next chapter after – lunch.

2. … most people have coffee or tea for … breakfast.

3. … weather was lovely, and we went sightseeing in … city centre.

4. In … cold weather I like sitting in … comfortable armchair with … magazine.

5. If you want to get … job in our company, you need to speak to … director.

6. He went to … kitchen, opened … fridge and took out … packet of juice.

7. When I came into … living-room, Dick was sitting on … floor and playing … guitar.

8. We agreed to meet in … town, but there was such … storm that I couldn’t go.

9. I couldn’t answer … third and … fourth question, but I got … good mark anyway.

10. She looked at … moon and thought about … love and … happiness.

11. We’re having … wonderful holiday! – Yes, let’s send … postcard to our parents.

12. Take these pills two times … day and try to do sports three times … week.

13. Did you talk to … Professor Smith about your project? – Yes, … last week.